Our Mission

To safely create one place for all Christians to unite and to meet all our missions. To not leave even one Christian or needy human being in need of our help. Proverbs 19:18,”Whoever favors the poor lends to the Lord and will be compensated.” To support each other as Christians on a global scale no matter of the denomination. To meet the commandments in the bible and be able to create unity and harmony within all our communities worldwide and ease our financial struggles as one body in NationFund.

Our platform was solely developed to empower all Christians whether you are a Minister, Missionary or Individual to assist all brothers and sisters in global Evangelization.

Why do members love NationFund?”

NationFund is something that doesn't exist anywhere else. Its technology in its purest form and secured by a Christian fundraising platform created exclusively to give back to our churches, communities, and missions. Congregations and missionaries safely save thousands of dollars in travel and time by using the NationFund platform. “You can bless lives and nation’s from your home or ministry.”

Unlike the secular internet world, we do not promote anything that is not Christian in values or conflicts with our faith. We are a Christian Fundraising Platform. Our Member dues and any other additional offering you may find in your heart allow us to cover our daily operational costs and expand our reach as Christians.